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    Nelson Medical, founded in 2000, starts from a two-person trading company and now evolves into a modern medical device manufacturer that owns a land area of over 10,000 square meters, a team of 200 people, advanced equipment and management system. In February of 2015, Nelson is blessed with a new round of development opportunities. We have acquired and merged all the equipment and molding tools, employees and businesses of Shanghai Yu Xing Medical Device Co. Ltd. and moved the company to the new plant area, laying a solid foundation for further development.

    上海莱尔森诞生于2000年,从一家2人贸易公司,发展到今天拥有万余平方、200人团队、装备先进、管理系统的现代化医疗器械生产企业。20152月莱尔森迎来了新的一轮发展机遇, 我们兼并收购了上海煜兴医疗器械有限公司的全部设备模具、人员和业务,并且搬迁到了新厂区,为进一步发展奠定了坚实的基础。  


    Nelson Medical, specialized in the research, development and production of medical parts, owns a fully equipped and well-managed mold workshop where there are 22 professional molding technicians. The independent measuring chamber is equipped with AEH automatic 3D measuring machine, Taiwan Wanhao projector and various Mutitoyo measuring tools. Processing equipment includes double-head EDM, single-head EDMs, medium-speed machining center, high-speed engraving machine, as well as precision CNC grinders, milling machines, lathes, internal-external lapping machines, WEDM machines. Over 20 professional mold processing equipment can satisfy the needs of all types of molding processes.

    上海莱尔森,作为一家致力于医疗配件研发和生产的企业,我们拥有装备齐全、管理规范的模具车间。 模具车间配备了22位专业模具技术人员, 独立的测量室配备了德国爱德华(AEH)全自动三次元、台湾万豪投影仪以及日本三丰Mitutoyo的各种测量工具。 加工设备有双头EDM 单头EDM,中速加工中心、高速精雕机,还有精密数控磨床、铣床、车床、内外圆磨、线切割等20多台专业模具加工设备,能够覆盖模具加工的所有工序。


    Nelson Medical, engaged in the production of medical parts for 12 years, has an experienced production team to lead 200 trained frontline employees in production activities according to orders of customers. Now Nelson owns an Class 100,000 Clean Room with 4,000 square meters, 27 injection molding machines, 11 extruders, ultrasonic welding machines, ultrasonic cleaning machine, UV curing machine, soft and hard plastic packaging machines as well as all types of automatic assembly equipment.

    上海莱尔森从事医疗零部件的生产已经12年,我们拥有一个经验丰富的生产技术团队,带领200名训练有素的一线员工,按照客户订单组织生产。  莱尔森目前拥有4000平方米的净化厂房,27台注塑机, 11台挤出机,超声焊接、超声清洗、UV光固、软硬吸塑包装还有各类自动组装设备。


    Nelson Medical is also known as a professional supplier of ethylene oxide sterilization services, possessing four sterilizers of 20 cubic meters and two sterilizers of 6 cubic meters. It has been granted with the business license and the EU ISO11135 certification and registered in the US FDA, capable of satisfying the sterilization needs of Nelson’s self-made products as well as providing sterilization services to the medical equipment industry peers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

    上海莱尔森,还是一家环氧乙烷灭菌服务的专业提供商,我们拥有420立方的灭菌柜和26 立方的灭菌柜。已经取得营业许可和欧盟的ISO11135认证,并已经在美国FDA注册登记, 除了满足莱尔森自产产品的灭菌需要, 还在江浙沪的医疗器械同行提供灭菌服务。


    Nelson Laboratory is fully equipped to conduct various experiments including biological experiments such as sterility test, initial bacterial contamination test and pyrogen test; physical experiments such as particle pollution, leakage, tensile test, liquid filter;  chemical experiments as purified water monitoring, residual ethylene oxide test; environmental monitoring experiments like sedimentated bacteria, airborne particle in clean room, wind speed/ventilation rate, pressure difference, temperature and humidity monitoring.

    莱尔森检测中心装备齐全, 可进行医疗产品的生物实验(如:无菌实验、产品初始污染菌实验、热原实验);医疗产品物理实验(如:微粒污染、泄漏、拉伸强度、药液滤除等);化学实验(纯化水的监测、环氧乙烷残留量等);环境监测实验(沉降菌监测、洁净区尘埃粒子的监测、风速/换气次数监测、压差监测、温湿度监测)。


    Laboratory assures Nelson's capability to evaluate the result of our quality control procedure. While daily quality management system is even more important. Nelson Medical obtained the German TUV ISO9001 and ISO134895 certifications and product CE certification back in 2005. However, we believe that persisting efforts and unceasing improvement are required for the operation of the quality system of medical equipment. Nelson Medical implements strict control on every step, from incoming inspection of raw materials to process control of parts manufacturing, from product assembly testing to finished product inspection, and keep rigorous document records, ensuring the traceability of all products. Quality is achieved through production not through inspection. Every Nelson employee has a deep understanding of his/her own duties and missions.

    实验室检测能够帮助我们有效评估质量控制结果,但日常的质量管理体系才更为重要。 上海莱尔森早在2005年就已经取得德国TUV莱茵公司ISO9001 ISO134895认证证书和产品的CE证书。 但我们认为医疗器械质量体系的运行,需要我们持续努力和不断改善。上海莱尔森从原材料的进货检验、到部件生产的工艺控制、产品组装的过程检验、到出货前的成品检验,每一个步骤都严格把关,并有严谨的文件记录,保证产品追溯性执行到位。质量是生产出来的,不是检验出来的,莱尔森全体员工深深懂得自己的责任和使命。


    The value of an enterprise derives from the happiness of its employees and the satisfaction of customers. We are making every effort to create a happy home for our team, because only a happy team will win the heart of happy customers! Nelson Team have never stop challenging ourselves, to create value for customers, and to become the most professional manufacturer of medical parts in China!

    企业的价值在于员工的幸福和客户的感动。 上海莱尔森尽可能地为员工创造一个快乐的物质和精神家园,快乐的团队才能赢得满意的客户。 我们的团队始终如一,不断地挑战自我,努力为客户创造价值, 致力于做中国最好的医疗零部件生产商!

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