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  • SK01

    ● 2 female luer lock/1 connector for tube
    ● Material: PC & PE
    ● White,Blue,Red Available

  • PFR1015-T

    ● Retention ≥98% (for Particles above 5μm)
    ● Double Membranes: Double Side PET Filter
    Membrane+PP Supporting Membrane

  • Feeding Extension Set

    ● Male luer lock with cap
    ● Tube 3.0×4.0mm
    ● Injection site

  • Luer slip Syringe

    ● Size: 1ml 2.5ml 5ml 10ml 20ml 30ml 50ml
    ● Package: PE, Blister

  • Vented 50mm chamber

    ①IV chamber,50mm,vented
    ②Tube 3.0×4.0mm
    ③Roller clamp
    ④Y-injection site
    ⑤Male luer lock
    ⑥Hypodermic needle with cap

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